What the hell?

You're probably wondering what the hell this is and how it works...

What is FakeDM.com?

This is a very simple website that is driven by the chatGPT artificial intelligence chat model. However, it has been modified to to act as Dungeon Master and play dungeons and dragons.

Why would you go and do this?

I am a huge fan of dungeons and dragons and I am constantly looking for new ways to bring new players and new dungeon Masters into the fold. The game can be complicated and there is a lot to remember. The AI can streamline everything and take care of your statistics in the background. It will also keep track of your hit points.

How much does it know?

The AI model is equipped with most of the information for the entire vanilla game of dungeons and dragons fifth edition, that is it's focus. It knows the statistics and basic framework of most things in the game. However, it is not perfect and it does not know everything, and it doesn't necessarily include all the mods and expansions that have been added over the years. It is fairly adaptable and you can either choose multiple choice or freeform.

What if i want to do something besides play D&D?

This isn't the site you're looking for... Move along.

What's in it for you and who are you?

Oh, I simply want to help players fans get quick game going and experience AI in this format. My name is Adam Aragon, and I am a long time web developer, passionate geek, and huge fan of tabletop role-playing games.

Still have questions?

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